Le Marche De La Mere

The first market of the season happens to fall just before Mothers Day. It also happens to be just before Great Oaks day and the Kentucky Derby. We hope that you will take time out this weekend for your Mom and maybe a fresh mint julep! We think we will take our chances with Nyquist for the Roses. It will be a fun 2 minutes!


We will be bringing our normal products that will make great gifts for mom. Lotions and soaps, Bees wax candles, Coffee and Tea, finishing sugars and loose lavender.

Curd Flavors


Lemon Lavender


Pom Lime


In addition this year we will be trying some new items. This week we have Raspberry Apricot Meringues. Crisp small ones to create the perfect Pavlova and larger ones with a gooey center perfect for a singledom dessert. 

Idea for the week:


Named for Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova meringues are made a variety of ways. Most are made with large disks of piped meringue. However today it is acceptable to use smaller cookie size meringues for the treat. 

The simple dessert can be made with mixed berries and fresh whipped cream. Additionally custard or curd could be added for a more decadent offering. This dessert is popular in Australia and New Zealand but can be found throughout other Commonwealth countries and Europe.



A fool is simply fruit that has been mixed into whipped cream. Traditionally though fool is stewed fruit that has been made into custard. Gooseberries are the English favorite but today raspberries are the norm.

Mix heavy whipping cream and sugar to a medium almost firm peaks. mix in smashed fresh fruit. In decorative glassware or new jelly jars layer fool with crushed meringue cookies. A drizzle of melted chocolate or simple lavender syrup and a mint leaf to serve.


Dessert doesn't have to be difficult. It can be simple and amazing. So for this weeks Market. Pick up something simple for your Mom!

See you at the Market

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