Une Nouvelle Saison

A new season of the Christiansburg Farmers Market is upon us. With every new season we learn from the past and try new things for the future.

Whats New

This year we will be adding a small Potager that we hope will compliment our current offerings. Watch our Facebook Page and our Blog for what will be available. We are going to start rather small with the Potager offerings. We anticipate to have French varieties of Radish, Beans, Melons, Tomatoes, and Peas. We have other items that we hope will be successful in growing however mother nature will decide when and what will be available!

Green Tea and Decaf Coffee will be added to the line up. Our Organic Vendor of Coffee is working on a special blend of beans for us that we hope to be able to offer starting in late May. Varieties of finishing sugars will be expanded. We have test batches steeping and hope to report our newest additions soon. 

We have applied for VDACS certification after a recent change in opinion by the Dept of Agriculture. We expect that we will be able to offer our current line but we are still working through the process. The certification will affect our offering of Fruit Curds this year. We hope to have our determination before Market Open. 

Learning From The Past

Since last year was initiation for both the company and the Market we learned a lot just from just seeing how things go. Some of our displays are being reworked as well as new packaging and labeling. This year we hope to use all the info we gathered last year and make this year even better! We are always up for suggestions so don't be shy!


Look for our next blog post on Market Opening week.