Nouvelles Idees

New ideas come and go. Some we act on and others we cast aside. How do you decide which ideas are good enough for you to follow through on?

Our latest creation is a pure beeswax candle. Not the most profound idea, but the idea does take a lot of thought in how to execute the final work. Do we use a plain jar, a wood wick, a mixture of oils and waxes. what about labels and scents. All are factors that must be considered with a new idea. We have posted a few pics of our tester pure beeswax candle. It's a half pint jar and a braided cotton wick. Let us know your thoughts. We love the idea of a pure beeswax candle but wonder if many can live with the telltale sign of pure beeswax.... The cooling crack... We think its charming!

New also this week from the kitchen is a new twist on orange. MANGOS! We found an amazing mango mixed it with some blood orange juice and TaaaaDaaaa! Yummy! THis would be awesome on cheesecake.... hands down cheesecake.... If you're making a cheesecake this week how about giving it a swirl! Add a tablespoon to some fresh salsa or a little wasabi, ginger and soy for a nice Mango Glazed Tuna.

We made a lovely batch of our Pom Lime and Blood Orange. This week we used some beet juice concentrate to add a little extra color.

Lemon Chocolate is making a reappearance after being benched due to the heat. We have created this blend a different way that usual and we hope you enjoy it!

As always our classics will be available!

See you at the Market!