Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey....

So the nursery rhyme goes. Little Miss Muffet most likely was eating the 16th century equivalent of cottage cheese. However had Miss Muffet been born 300 years later she could have enjoyed lemon curd on her curds in whey. We get a lot of questions asking if the two are related. Sadly no they two are not but they are both yummy and go well together.

Some options of mixing the two together.

Cut cheese curds (from cheddar is best or fresh if you feel like making them!) into small pieces and mix with complementary fruit curd. I say complementary because some curds to some people do not mix well with cheese. My personal  preference is to bake until golden brown, chill and serve with fresh whipped cream. Here's how:

Use small curds or cut large pieces into equal pieces.

Defrost puff pastry and unfold.

Spread an even layer of orange curd on pastry, and sprinkle with cheese curds.

Roll, cut evenly and place on backing sheet (or use use a muffin tin!)

Place a small amount of butter in each cup with some brown sugar and then place a section of the roll in each cup. You could also add nuts and fresh fruit to the filling.

In a double boiler add cheese and some sparkling wine to upper pot. when melted add fruit curd and mix till smooth. Dip fruit or bread.


This week at the Market we will be offering

Beet Orange


Pomegranate Lime


Lemon Lavender

Orange Pineapple

Pina Colada



Finally we tried to make a Savory option for those that have asked! Soooooooo here goes!

Red Pepper, Tomato and Herb

Now I know what some will be thinking: "It's pasta sauce." Well you could use it for that. Or on good crusty bread and a splash of EVOO. Or mixed in mayo for a sandwich spread, or mixed into cream cheese for bagels. This would be a great addition as a plate decoration under meats. Hope you all Like it! We will be sampling this one and Beet Orange tomorrow!

See yall at the Market