Two For Tea

Our Coffee has become the stuff of legends. So to expand on the taste of lavender, we introduce to you two new teas. Both are organic and will be offered in 3oz loose leaf bags. $5 each servings vary depend on strength.

Countess Grey: Everyone knows the famous Earl Grey who led the Whig party under King William the IV. Envoys to China brought back tea and various other spices. Behind the Prime Minister was Mary Ponsby. Not much is know about her however we like to think that during the times she was not pregnant she led the great house Horwick Hall in Northumberland. The kitchen garden has a few lavender plants and we hope that Countess Grey used her lavender in her tea.

A lovely blend of organic black tea, bergamot oil and lavender buds. Hints of the lavender peek around the lemony bergamot and accent milk and sugar.

Marseille Breakfast Tea: A beautiful seaside town on the Mediterranean gateway to Provence and   the Cote de Azure. Lavender is a common ingredient in many drinks and dishes.

A blend of Breakfast Blend tea and Lavender buds. Strong hearty black tea with just butterfly's kiss of lavender.

We hope you enjoy these blends as much as we enjoy creating them!