Somehow, a jar of lemon in the hot water bath today exploded..... and by exploded I mean full on jumped out of the pot and burst! That was fun! But, I digress....

It just goes to show that even glass has its flaws. Under pressure it cracks. As we progress into the summer heat, remember that you too are flawed and can crack under the pressure/heat! Drink lots of fluids!

 The market has lots of beverage options or bring a water with you. Try sparkling water that has some salt added to help during hot days. Also remember your fur babies. They need access to clean water while out and about.

This week's curd offerings





Lemon Lavender

Beet Orange

Finally, this weeks creative process brought us to create Carrot Ginger. A nice blend that's not too sour but has nice spice! Touches of orange and cardamom highlight the ginger spice finish. This would be perfect with Biscoff cookies, or mix with fresh whipped cream and fresh cherries. Add a dollop to your overnight oatmeal, or mix with cream cheese and black walnuts for a colorfully spicy cheese ball.

Stay Cool!

See you all at the Market!