Last Minute Finishing Touches

Tomorrow is the day! Our first Farmers Market appearance! Although we would like to have the tables completely full with all of our wares It looks like we will have plenty but not too much!

Some Highlights

Finishing Sugars $5 each (Lavender, Violet, Anise, Rose)

Lavender Coffee $8 6oz

Henny Penny's Fresh Eggs $0.50 each (bring your own container!)

Lotion $5 (4oz) $8 (8oz) (Lavender, Violet, Ginger, Rose, Lemon, Orange, Natural)

Dead Sea Mud Mask $10 (3.75oz) (Lavender)

Deodorant $6 (2.5oz, Lavender and Natural)

Salt Scrub $6.50 (3.75oz) $9 (6oz)

Lip Balm $2 (Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Anise, Natural, Mint, Herbal Mint, Vanilla)

Wine Soap $3 each (Roses and Rose`, Lavender and Bordeaux, Citrus and Chardonnay)

This is not our complete list but will give everyone an idea of what we will have!

We look forward to seeing everyone for the first day of the Christiansburg Farmers Market. Located on Hickok St in Downtown Christiansburg.