Curds by the way....

As many of you have found we make a variety of fruit curds that are nothing short of amazing! They creamy, oozy or syrupy (depending on the yumminess in it) awesomeness is perfect for _______? What do you put your favorite curd on? We like ours out of the jar or with fruit and yogurt. We are going to follow this weeks options with our ideas for each!


Made from local blackberrys this curd is subtle. It's the perfect accent for a smear between layers of white cake or combined with whipped cream. Meringue cookies with a spread or plain white toast will get a boost!


Similar to the blackberry this curd is subtle. It doesn't like the lime light (but boy there is one that does!). Scratch biscuits or sweet pastry, cup cakes or oatmeal. A little something to make your day!

Pomegranate Lime

Ok sweet, bitter and tart. This curd takes may look funny but it is amazing fun! Mix with yogurt for a fun dip for apple slices. How about cranberry wheat bread with just a spoonful to cool the fresh from the oven heat. mix with mayonnaise and pair with a heart crab cake or salmon steak. This little jar just wants to make you happy!


Well here's the one that wants to steal the lime light from all the others. Lime is best paired with sour. Add to cream cheese and whipped cream for a variation of lime pie. Add to sour cream or Greek yogurt and chill for an evening treat. Make Ice pops with whipped cream or milk. Add to cupcakes or in between layers of cake.


The classic. Goes great with lots of things. Most everything above. Add a spoonful to mayonnaise and a diced shallot to dress seared tuna. Mix in a spoonful with your favorite chicken salad recipe and add dried cranberries and serve on hearty gran bread.


Yet another classic. This week we have Naval orange curd. Less sweet and punchy than its Cara Cara cousin, this weeks curd is perfect for topping ice cream, pound cake or just a spoonful. This treat would add a rat dimension to sauces for pork or venison. Sweet and tangy!


What could be better as an accent to your favorite coconut cake recipe. Mix with cream cheese and pecans to make a great party cheese ball. On top ice cream with toasted coconut or mixed with ketchup for a twist on your everyday French fry routine!

Orange Pineapple

The best of both worlds. Pass a spoon, Thanks!

Beet Orange

Saving the most interesting for last. We found this recipe from a blog in New Zealand. Lots of beetie goodness, some black pepper for spice and orange for tang. We believe as a tart this would be great just add some berries. dress plates of roast pork or steaks. A spoonful on top of grilled asparagus or just savor the flavor with a homemade buttered roll.

So Curds your way?

We have coffee too! Its just great stuff made by your coffee pot!

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