Qu'ils mangent de la brioche/Révolution Parfumée

Let Them Eat Cake

Actually it says let them eat Brioche but we all digress on the finer points of what was meant by the statement. The lack of bread or expense of bread during the reign of Louis XVI's France caused great famine and unrest amongst his people. Many Revolutionists attributed the statement to Marie Antoinette, More accurately it was spoken by Maria Theresa wife of Louis XIV.  

So let them eat cake.... Well Why was bread so expensive? What happened in late 18th century France that took up so much money? While not all of the money was being used in France by the King and Queen for their leisure activities. Don't get me wrong a lot of money was spent on courtly activities. A large sum of money was spent on the colonies. Yes, The America's.... 

Louis seemed to be the only Monarch that had his marbles intact... George III and Christian VII were suffering from mental illness. King George lost the colonies and King Christian created the most liberal policies in Europe (rather  his Prime Minister but that's another blog entry for a different time). Things that happen when your having more than one conversation in your head! The colonies cost France a great deal of money. Not only in troops, ships and ammunition but the financial support as well. Louis felt that the support of the Americas against the British was a worthy cause. He didn't think about the suffering at home...

In the month of July we celebrate the American Independence day and France's Bastille Day. Two days that mean the most change in the World as we know it. Both days represent revolution and change. Both relied heavily on the other for support.

Scented Revolution

Today we are thinking of a different type of revolution. Should we keep our old favorite scents or move into the unknown and vast untamed world of the sense of smell!

Those of you that are loyal followers and customers know we are in the process of creating new scents for our soaps and the possibility of a signature scent and line. We value everyone's suggestions and input. If you have thoughts on our soap scents that will carry over into our lotions and other products please don't hesitate to let us know.

Also we would like to hear from you on what other products you would like to see from us. Is a Bees Wax Lavender Candle high on your list? Vitamin C serum for those dark circles? Massage oil for those long days?

We would like to expand our offerings. Some items that are created may not be available at the Farmer's Market due to their ingredients but special orders can always be made and delivered at the Market.

What about our Food and Beverage offerings? We currently have Fruit Curds, Finishing Sugars, Lavender Coffee and 2 varieties of Lavender Tea (loose leaf). What tickles your lavender gourmet fancy?

Tell Us what you think!