May it rain....

April showers brought May flowers. So what do May showers bring? Humidity. Lots of Humidity....

It's going to be an interesting day at the market. Intermittent showers with lots of breaks, warm temps and 90% humidity. I love watching the rain - I just don't care to be in it. Although I do remember some interesting rain storms I've been caught in that were fun...But that's a whole different blog post!

Through the drops and mists we will have lots for you to choose from! We have two dozen Henny Penny's eggs and lots of delicious fruit curds! We also have eight-6oz bags of Lavender Coffee!

So come on down - the early birds will get the worms (bet we see a bunch of those joining us today!)

A lot of people ask about our Lavender Coffee. Why Lavender Coffee?

Why Not? Its a great blend of a locally roasted coffee that is a medium Vienna roast. Those of you that love the French Roast will get a look from me.... I love the French.... but their coffee taste burnt. On the other hand, these proud Viennese roasters gently heat their coffee beans to have a bold flavor but without the burnt bitterness. Coffee isn't meant to be "black and bitter" in my grand opinion. You should be able to make out beans from the Lake Kivu region of Rwanda by their subtle floral and lime notes, or a Haitian small batch by the way it tastes almost citrusy.

 A really great coffee should be an experience, not a habit. We add our culinary grade lavender to the grinding process in order to release a subtle amount of oil into the coffee. This coffee is best served when one has the time to savor the depth of flavor, such as breakfast in bed or with a decadent dessert - times when you can forget the goings on in the world and savor the cup. I take mine with half and half or light cream and sugar. Both accentuate the lavender, making the cup an unexplainable journey to a place familiar but unknown. You must try it to believe it!

If you're looking for something else,  our fruit curds are just magic in a jar. Our Chocolate mixtures are best over simple ice cream or pound cake. Their syrup-like consistency is perfect to be drizzled! Lemon and lime are thick and rich and oh so scoop-able, spreadable or dare I say finger licking good! A blueberry scone never tasted so amazing! Or, how bout a square of puff pastry sprinkled with finishing sugar and baked to golden perfection? Add some fresh fruit and  fresh whipped cream and even Ina Garten will be jealous of your skills! Blackberry and Raspberry varieties are the perfect addition to a yellow or white cake. Try a thick schmear between layers, or add to vanilla buttercream for a subtle hint of flavor and richness!

Come and see us on this misty May day at the Market! We'd love to share ideas with you on what to make this evening or this holiday weekend!