The Sounds of Spring

Sitting here in the office chair I'm listening to the birds chirping, cows mooing, and the occasional car down the lane. What are your favorite sounds?

While I'm writing I have finished a batch of Lemon Curd. After a dip in the hot water bath they will cool on a towel on my counter. My favorite sound of the moment.... The pop of the jars sealing. Unconsciously counting every time one "pops". I've done it for years learning from mom and grams.

I can remember as a child sitting listening after a batch came out of the canner. "Pop" How many does that make? I would ask. One of them would reply. Fond memories that we still continue to do every year. Maybe not in the large batched of my childhood. But tradition all the same.

Come see us at the Market Tomorrow! I've whipped up some new batched of Fruit Curds


Chocolate Raspberry


Chocolate Lemon

Lemon Ginger


Cara Cara Orange

We will have a couple of dozen eggs available and We were able to create a new scent of Deodorant, Bergamot! Don't forget you can send us your comments or requests through the website here!