New Beginings

Today 256 lavender plugs arrived from our greenhouse supplier outside of Toronto! So now the work begins to transfer all of those plugs to pots. One might think this task is easy, and honestly I thought so too..... However its been a chore but one that I have enjoyed! I think Having a sinus headache didn't help the delicate task but I will get them all transferred by the end of next week!. It wont hurt the lavender plugs to stay in the tray they were rooted in. Although the window is short to transfer them.

I cant wait to start setting up at the Christiansburg Farmers Market this year! It will be exciting to see all the fresh things that the local farmers have grown or created in their homes. I firmly believe that in order for our society to remain stable we need to rely on locally grown foods. I still think though that if we cant get it local than we should be able to buy it! I have yet to see any farmer in this area make Lingon berry jam! But I digress.

I hope everyone will come out and see us at the farmers market. I will post dates and times when they are finalized and hopefully the market manager gives each of us spaces too! For now we will see you on the interwebs!